The Greek overclocker OGS beat Splave in the SuperPi – 32M discipline and put two gold medals in his piggy bank: for first place in the Intel Core i9-12900KS chip rank, as well as for the world record in the above benchmark. It is not yet known how long OGS will last at the top of Olympus, but the fact that the Greek managed to beat the sports overclocking mastodon in his element is fascinating.

To achieve such a significant result, the enthusiast did not follow the beaten path and chose completely different components (except for the processor): the basis of his test setup was the ultimate ASUS ROG Maximus Z690 Apex board, which, coupled with a careful selection of the best processor sample, brought its results. OGS managed to increase the frequency of the i9-12900KS chip to 7518 MHz, which is 13 MHz higher than that of Splave.

Recall that just a week ago, Splave managed to finish the SuperPi – 32M benchmark with an indicator of 3 min 30 sec 888 ms, while OGS showed a more confident result of 3 min 30 sec 751 ms:

At HWBot, a serious confrontation is now flaring up between the best overclockers in the world, which makes them improve their own results, as well as improve their skills for successful competition in popular disciplines. Needless to say, after the release of the Intel Raptor Lake and AMD Zen 4 chips, the battle for world records will enter a new phase.

Source: HWBot

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