The American overclocker Splave continues its victorious march through the disciplines of the HWBot overclocker base. This time, the overclocking master put three gold medals in his piggy bank at once in the extremely popular discipline SuperPi – 32M: Splave became the first in the current CPU rank of the Core i9-12900KS processor, received gold in the overall rank, and climbed to the top of the world competition among chips with any number of cores/threads.

Truly a great result! Splave finished the SuperPi – 32M benchmark with 3min 30sec 931ms.
The board was treated with a special composition in order to exclude its damage from vapor and condensate of the liquid nitrogen.

Such an achievement was made possible thanks to the use of proper components and consumables by the overclocker, such as the Asrock Z690 AQUA OC motherboard, liquid nitrogen, and the Thermal Grizzly Extreme. Of course, the unsurpassed skills of Splave himself played an important role in this result, but we obviously could not help but mention the hardware used.

Source: HWBot

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