The famous Ice Universe analyst has shared his thoughts on future cameras in smartphones in 2020.

He says that 108-megapixel cameras and 10x optical zoom functions await us.

These are very impressive predictions, as the largest sensor currently in existence is a 48MP camera from Sony. Anyway, until the 64-megapixel Samsung camera is released.

Also, these predictions coincide with the words of the representative of the visualization company Qualcomm, who said that smartphones with 100-megapixel cameras may appear in the same 2020.

108MP cameras will most likely use Pixel Binning technology, as will 48MP cameras.

As for the 10x optical zoom, it looks even more incredible, especially considering that we are not talking about a combination of hardware and software solutions, but only about hardware.

What we have in the bottom line: Whatever one may say, the 64-megapixel sensor from Samsung will be the first to enter the market. Its launch will take place either at the end of this year or at the beginning of 2020. Given this information, if the 108-megapixel camera is released next year, it will only happen at the end.

Source: Ice universe

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