Insider HXL published some very intriguing information in his Twitter account: according to his sources, upcoming Ryzen 8000 APUs codenamed “Strix Point” will get a 12-core monolithic design with heterogeneous architecture and powerful integrated graphics.

Future Ryzen 8000 processors will take on four high-performance Zen 5 cores with 16-megabyte L3 cache and eight relatively energy-efficient Zen 5c cores with an 8-megabyte cache. Thus, the total number of cores/threads in the upcoming APUs will increase to 12/24.

In addition, Ryzen 8000 “Strix Point” will boast a high-performance integrated graphics based on RDNA 3.5 architecture. According to HXL, the new IGP will have as many as 16 compute blocks, which corresponds to 1024 stream processors.

In theory, this could provide a ~40% graphics performance boost in relative to current integrated GPUs like the Radeon 780M.

As a reminder, the AMD Strix Point line of chips is scheduled for release in 2024. Around the same time, Intel is expected to release its Arrow Lake processors, in which the blue giant will focus on strengthening the graphics component of its hybrid CPUs to successfully counter AMD’s APUs.

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