It’s pretty hard to believe this information, especially considering that the PlayStation 5 fully and natively supports 4K, but according to IGN Italy, the next generation console from SONY will not be able to work at 1440p. However, no one will forbid you to connect your PS5 to a device supporting only 1440p, but the actual output resolution, apparently, will be limited to 1080p.

In general, this will probably not be a big problem for the majority of potential owners of the PlayStation 5 console, because, among TVs, panels with a resolution of 1440p are extremely rare, since devices with 1080p or 4K often reign there. But multi-platform gamers who have only a 1440p gaming monitor in their arsenal will have to sacrifice something. But now, among gamers, it is devices with a resolution of 1440p that are an extremely popular solution in terms of price/quality ratio.

Nevertheless, SONY is able to solve this problem in future versions of the software for its console. The main question is only: “Will it?”

As a reminder, depending on where you live (USA or Europe), the PlayStation 5 release is scheduled for November 12 or 19.

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