Recently, the developers of the PlayStation 3 console emulator presented a significant patch update for their RPSC3 program. This time, developers have been able to turn off the gluttonous anti-aliasing MLAA (Morphological anti-aliasing – a post-processing anti-aliasing algorithm that is performed using the PlayStation 3 CELL processor blocks instead of the Reality Synthesizer (RSX)) in two new projects: God of War 3 and Killzone 3.
Thus, by removing some of the load from the CPU, the RPCS3 team has seriously improved the quality and performance in these exclusives.

You can see this in the video from the BSoD Gaming channel:

To take full advantage of the new patch, you need God of War 3 version 1.03. You can find out how to install the updated patch from our guide.

You can download the patch from the link below:

You can download the PS3 emulator itself using this link from the official RPCS3 website.

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