For a relatively long time rumors have been floating in the network that the next top smartphone model of the Cupertino company will abandon the prefix “Pro Max” in favor of “Ultra”. However, these statements were not backed up by anything in particular, and they were mostly rumored by not quite reliable sources.

Now, a much more reliable source is behind a new spate of rumors about a tentative iPhone 15 Ultra. Journalist Andrew O’Hara shared the following on his Twitter account:

Here’s a late Friday tidbit I’ve heard for iPhone15. Multiple sources have told me Apple will indeed use the “iPhone 15 Ultra” monicker for the plus-sized pro phone. This was an early rumor that got backpedaled. Most have since referred to it as iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Overall, we find this step very logical. Apple already has the Apple Watch Ultra smartwatch, a powerful SoC M2 Ultra. Thus, the iPhone’s move from Pro Max to Ultra looks like a great image decision.

Moreover, according to the latest information, Cupertino engineers have seriously improved the top model of their smartphone. According to rumors, iPhone 15 Ultra will get a larger display, a larger battery and a lens with periscopic zoom. With such characteristics, Ultra prefix looks as justified as possible.

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