The developers at Deep Silver Volition have finally shared the official system requirements for their upcoming project “Saints Row”. The publisher was in no hurry to notify the public about the minimum required hardware for their game, which is extremely strange, given that less than a week is left before the release of the new part. And after the official publicity, it became extremely clear why.

Full system requirements for reboot “Saints Row”.

Considering the graphics that are not very special, as for a project coming out in 2022, the minimum system requirements of the game “Saints Row” look, to put it mildly, overpriced. And if from the point of view of the required processor, everything is quite adequate and even more – the i3-3240 chip has not been included in the system requirements of any AAA game for a long time, but the need for a GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon RX 470 video card looks unconvincing.

Story trailer for the reboot of “Saints Row”.

Almost the same can be said about the recommended setup for a comfortable game at 1080p + 60FPS. The GTX 1070 and RX 5700, even in the realities of 2022 (excluding ray tracing), are very powerful devices and they should cope with Saints Row-level graphics even at higher resolutions.

Looking at the entire list of required components for each of the graphics quality modes, it becomes extremely alarming: most likely, we are traditionally not expecting the best game optimization from the Volition studio.

The reboot of the action-adventure comedy shooter should see the light of day on August 23rd.

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