Rumors: Rockstar may announce a new project soon

Edinburgh Live recently reported that the Red Dead Redemption 2 banner on the front of the Rockstar North office has been removed. This location has been assigned to him since the announcement of Red Dead Redemption 2 and the banner has remained there until that point.

This, of course, is all indirect, however, it is quite possible that the next banner may be a sign with Grand Theft Auto VI. After all, before the same RDR2, a banner of Grand Theft Auto V was posted over the office.

Photo – Edinburgh Live

Unfortunately, this is the only thing to speculate on now, because there is practically no information about new Rockstar projects.

Previously, there were rumors that the game will have many large cities, perhaps some of the old ones, for example Liberty City. But this has not yet been confirmed anywhere.

Let’s hope that the removed banner really means something, because 5 years have passed since the fifth part of the franchise.

Source: Edinburgh Live

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Rumors: Rockstar may announce a new project soon