Recently, Wargaming has been trying to reward the veterans of its mega-successful World of Tanks project every year with various gifts, such as promotional equipment, a premium account, bonuses and a variety of consumables. And finally, today it became known that the traditional annual “Honored Veterans Award” will be available on November 26, and the event itself will last exactly one year:

Tankers! Thank you for the unforgettable moments and the time you spent with pleasure in our game! To express our sincere gratitude, we are launching the Deserved Reward promotion again this year. The distribution of rewards will begin on November 26, 2020 at 9:00 am (UTC) and will last until November 2021.


The quality and quantity of gifts directly depend on how long you have been registered in the game. For example, if your account is only 3 years old, then you will not receive promotional equipment, and in general, such “young” accounts can only count on 1,000 bonds, 7 days of premium account, and a few different consumables.

But the “oldies” will receive really valuable awards:

By clicking on this link to the official Wargaming website, you can practically find out which awards you can apply for.

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