The seventh free game from Epic Games Store in honor of the New Year holidays is the economic strategy Tropico 5. 100% discount on the game is valid only for 24 hours (distribution starts at 18:00 Kyiv time / 19:00 Moscow time). Therefore, do not delay and try to get your free copy of the project as soon as possible!

A new series of critically acclaimed and incredibly popular “dictator simulator” takes you back to the distant island of Tropico. Rule your dynasty from the early colonial period to the 21st century.


So far, the previously merged list of games below is fully consistent with what has already been handed out:

  • Cities Skylines;
  • Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty;
  • The Long Dark;
  • Defense Grid;
  • Alien: Isolation;
  • Metro 2033;
  • Tropico 5;
  • Inside;
  • Darkest Dungeon;
  • My Time In Portia;
  • Night in the Woods;
  • Stranded Deep;
  • Solitarica;
  • Torchlight II;
  • Jurassic World Evolution.

Accordingly, tomorrow we will have a free distribution of Inside, but for now, in order to get Tropico 5, you need to follow this link, or launch the Epic Games application and pick up the game there.

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