Exactly two days have passed since the publication of the first record of the Kazakhstani overclocker TerraRaptor, set using the Core 2 Duo E8200 processor. Then the enthusiast limited himself to the SuperPi – 32M discipline, and at first glance, it seemed rather strange that there were no validations in other disciplines.

Finally, the reason for the two-day delay in the new results became clear today.

This time TerraRaptor decided to test the overclocked processor Core 2 Duo E8200 in the wPrime – 32m benchmark and its heavier modification wPrime – 1024m. And judging by the comment of the enthusiast himself, he spent two days modifying and setting up the operating system:

EFFICIENCY :D Okay, to make our game fair, this is a kind of ultimate tweak that will increase your wprime performance on older platforms (I don’t know if this will help with new-generation hardware) – replace the msvbvm60.dll file in the system32 folder with the dll version 6.00.9832. This version of the visual basic runtime library will make the wprime metrics slightly faster.

Use this + correct OS + other tweaks.

Good luck to all.


The words of the Kazakhstani overclocker only confirm our recent statements in the news note – overclocking of components is far from all the manipulations with the test bench that need to be carried out.

To achieve high performance in benchmarks, do not forget about optimization with software modification (but not the benchmark programs themselves – this is followed by immediate disqualification!).

Let’s go back directly to the results of the bench session:

In the lighter version of wPrime – 32m, the result was 13 seconds 21 milliseconds:

In heavy wPrime – 1024m, the result was: 7 minutes 3 seconds 891 milliseconds:

In both cases, the chip was overclocked to 5144 MHz using a phase transition system.

From the test setup, the enthusiast indicated only the used motherboard ASUS Rampage Extreme.

By the way, if you haven’t read the last news article about the experiments of TerraRaptor, we recommend that you take a look at it because there the overclocker shared the method of modifying the ASUS Rampage Extreme motherboard.

Source: TerraRaptor Profile at HWBot

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