German enthusiast sergmann was able to achieve two very impressive achievements in the Cinebench – R15 discipline.

The first, as you might have guessed from the description of this news article, was gold in the Intel Core i9-9900KS rank, and the second, third place among any processors with eight cores.

The overclocking of the Core i9-9900KS chip was not small – 6974MHz with 3134 points:

Subjectively, of course, but the second achievement, given the number of competitors (1218), looks much more impressive than the record in the Core i9-9900KS rank, where only 23 overclockers compete.

The sergmann test setup looked like this:

  • Motherboard – EVGA Z390 Dark (131-CS-E399-KR)
  • RAM – 2x 8GB GALAX OC LAB on the Samsung chips
  • Video card -NVIDIA GeForce GT 710
  • Power supply – Seasonic Platinum 1200 watt

sergmann did not indicate the rest of the components, but, in any case, they would not have had any effect on the final result.

Source: Overclocker page on HWBot website

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