One of Indonesia’s flagship enthusiasts, Lucky_n00b, excelled in overclocking and benchmarking a fresh 6-core, 12-thread AMD Ryzen 5 5600X processor.

Armed with a top-end motherboard, liquid nitrogen, and the super-popular G.SKILL F4-4000C15-8GTRG RAM set among enthusiasts, Lucky_n00b was able to overclock the Ryzen 5 5600X chip to 5723MHz and successfully complete the Geekbench3 benchmark with a final result of 46203 points:

The overclocker’s test setup consisted of the following components:

  • Motherboard – MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk (MS-7C91);
  • RAM – 2 x 8GB G.SKILL F4-4000C15-8GTRG;
  • Video card – GeForce GT 1030 (Most likely from KFA2).

And it looked like this:

Separately, I would like to note that this result, as well as some records set with the new Ryzen 5000 processors, will predictably turn out to be short-lived since the vast majority of popular, top-end motherboards have not yet received firmware with microcode to support Zen 3 chips and cannot accept fresh chips on board.

Thus, more or less adequate and final conclusions about the overclocking potential, as well as the final performance of new products from AMD, can be made only at the end of January, when vendors will release actual bios for most of their flagship products of past generations.

Source: Result page on the HWBot website

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