The PlayStation 3 console emulator development team has significantly improved shader compilation and, accordingly, the first launch of the game.

However, do not delude yourself: in practice, this improvement will not in any way affect the pure performance of games. In fact, new optimizations in the RPCS3 emulator code are aimed at speeding up the initial compilation of shaders (the first launch of the game).

Nevertheless, this is an extremely necessary and significant achievement: Often, after major changes in the program code, the next launch of your favorite game is accompanied by the recompilation of shaders, which creates certain inconveniences, since for some projects this procedure can take quite a long time. Fortunately, now, after parallelizing the compilation into several threads, this process takes place literally in a matter of seconds.

You can clearly see this by watching the official video from the RPCS3 developers:

Many of the clips recorded were using 4 threads even though higher values are faster, it is so fast already that the difference between 4 and 8 shader compilation threads is small. So we expect all users who meet RPCS3’s recommended requirements to see a major improvement!

RPCS3 team

In other words, virtually all owners of processors with four or more cores will get an increase in shader compilation speed.

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