The new version of the RPCS3 emulator allows you to comfortably play the crazy arcade racing game MotorStorm Pacific Rift. The developers reported on the improvement of their program on the official YouTube channel and assured that even chips of the Ryzen 7 5800X level and below can handle the game with the emulator settings below. Whether this is actually so, we will check in one of the future materials. In the meantime, you can take a look at the video and set up your RPCS3 according to the guide:

RPCS3 emulator settings for MotorStorm Pacific Rift

CPU configuration

SPU xfloat accuracyRelaxedNo known issues, might improve performance
SPU block sizeMegaSlight performance improvement

GPU configuration

Anisotropic filter16xGreatly improves texture quality, no issues
Anti-aliasingDisabledImproves performance significantly when using Resolution Scaling. Makes grass (only on razorback level) look pixelated
Resolution scale threshold256×256(Mostly) Fixes pixelated bloom when using resolution scaling
Write color buffersOnFixes excessively bright bloom

Advanced configuration

Read color buffersOnFixes visual issues with surfaces e.g mud
Driver wake-up delay50Fixes crashes caused by RSX desyncs, increase to 100 if still occurring.

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