ExecutableFix continues to delight enthusiasts with extremely hot insights. This time, it shared with the public a render of the pad of the AMD “Raphael” chip (Zen 4 architecture) created specifically for the as-yet-unannounced AM5 LGA1718 socket.

According to an insider, the new CPUs will receive 28 PCI-e 4.0 lanes, which is 4 lanes more than the current Zen 3 processors, and will also have a TDP of 120 watts for the vast majority of products and 170 watts, presumably for the top 16-core models.

When I look at the contact pad of a processor with an AM5 LGA1718 socket, I immediately recall AMD’s past fleeting experience with Socket F, or, in simple terms, LGA 1207 released back in 2006. This socket was created specifically for Opteron chips based on Santa Rosa / Santa Ana cores (as well as for workstations based on the legendary Athlon 64 FX) and it visually resembles LGA 1718:

By the way, if you compare the AMD LGA1718 and Intel LGA1700 processors, you can see with the naked eye that the AMD chip is a little more compact and more familiar due to its classic square form factor:

Source: VideoCardZ

Just like last time, the insider did not give any additional information about the date of the announcement of new CPUs from AMD.

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