The remake of the game Demon’s Souls will be able to take full advantage of the new DualSense controller developed for the next-generation PlayStation 5. According to the information that has appeared, thanks to innovative adaptive triggers with their tactile feedback, all weapon attacks, magic spells, as well as parries, the player will feel completely different. Moreover, even pressing the levers classic for the “Souls” series of games and opening the gate will cause different tactile feedback.

According to SIE Japan Studio Creative Director Gavin Moore, tactile sensations are an integral part of the Demon’s Souls gaming experience, as they not only enhance immersion but actually become a complete addition to the gameplay.

It will be possible to check this statement very soon, because in America, the remake of Demon’s Souls will be released on November 12, and the world premiere of the super-anticipated title is scheduled for November 19.

Source: WccfTech

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