Crytek studio has released another patch for Crysis Remastered, number 1.2.0. In this update, the developers focused on improving the ray-tracing algorithm as well as improving the behavior of artificial intelligence.

The second major update for Crysis Remastered weighs in at an impressive 2700MB. In short, in fact, we are expecting a slight improvement in overall performance in it, as well as optimization of the best trace processing on the central processor. A slightly more detailed patch note awaits you further:

  • Improved AI behavior in order to provide a more challenging experience to players.
  • Reduced ray tracing artifacts from bright, emissive objects.
  • Optimized ray tracing CPU side processing.
  • General CPU improvements made. More changes will come in upcoming Patches.

In addition to the fixes, there are obviously still unresolved issues. For example:

  • Using ESET antivirus while playing Crysis Remastered can cause a memory leak ultimately resulting in a crash. Disabling the AV while playing the game is a possible workaround. (Please do it at your own risk!)
  • The game may crash at loading when Windows username is set to Persian language. (Contact – Island).
  • Using Borderless Display mode locks the game to the Display’s refresh rate.

You can find a complete list of changes at this link (reddit, knowledge of English is required).

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