RPCS3 emulator developers have reported another significant increase in the productivity of their offspring. In one of the upcoming updates, the program will be able to emulate much better games such as Metal Gear Solid 4, Uncharted 1-2, and the original Red Dead Redemption.

Over the past few months RPCS3 has seen major performance improvements due to @kd-11 and Nekotekina’s RSX & SPU optimisations. Metal Gear Solid in particular saw a huge performance uplift. We also have HDMI and Audio support working in VSH/XMB for the first time thanks to @Vestral! @kd-11 also fixed long-standing graphical issues in RDR and Uncharted 1-2. Thanks to the increased performance we expect quite a few games to now perform well enough for the Playable status!

RPCS3 emulator developers

Below is a video comparing the new version of RPCS3 with the old one:

In general, the latest changes in the emulator allow gamers with powerful processors to comfortably go through the same RDR and MGS 4. This is a severe achievement of the developers, as the last time such bursts of performance were long ago.

To update your emulator automatically, run it (if you haven’t run it for a long time), or select “Check for Updates” in the top menu.

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