Yesterday’s 10-core record set by the American overclocker Splave could not last even a day. Just a few hours ago, the fin under the pseudonym Luumi updated the American’s result and set a new record in the 10-core Cinebench – R15 discipline:

Moreover, to achieve such an amazing result, the Finnish enthusiast used a rather outdated Core i9-7900X chip (Splave had a Core i9-10900X), overclocked to 5970 MHz. Thus, Luumi took the bar at 3393 points, beating the American by only 3 points.

In addition to the confirmation screenshots, the Finnish overclocker also posted a video of his bench session, which you can watch below:

Judging by the publication date, Luumi set this record back on February 9, 2020, and just waiting for the right moment to publish it. This is a fairly common practice for top overclockers, so it is likely that Splave also has a more serious result and the American is just waiting for a convenient moment to upload it to the HWBot database.

In any case, if this is really the case, we will find out about it very soon, because in America it is already morning (at the time of writing the news note), which means that Splave will soon notice that he was thrown off the podium.

But back to Luumi‘s test setup. Of the known components, of course, in addition to the already announced processor, the enthusiast indicated only the EVGA X299 DARK motherboard and the Super Flower 8Pack 2000 Watt power supply.

Source: Results page on the HWBot website

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