At yesterday’s “Intel Architecture Day” event, the blue giant has finally officially announced its plans for the development and release of discrete graphics cards. According to the published information, graphics adapters called “Xe” will provide the required level of performance in virtually all market segments:

  • Xe-LP – graphics solution integrated into the processor;
  • Xe-HPG – mainstream discrete solution for mid-range and pre-top segment;
  • Xe-HP – Premium Mainstream Discrete Enthusiast / Data Center Solution;
  • Xe-HPC is a scalable discrete solution for data centers;

In this list, it is Xe-HPG that is of particular interest, since these solutions will be specifically targeted at gamers and enthusiasts. It is already known that the main feature of the Xe-HPG line will be support for hardware ray tracing:

To everyone’s surprise, Intel itself will not be responsible for the release of GPUs for Xe graphics cards. The processor giant decided to entrust this business to one of the contractors, but who exactly (Samsung or TSMC) is still unknown.

If everything goes according to the chipmaker’s plan, Intel’s first serial discrete graphics accelerator will see the light of day in 2021.

Source: WccfTech

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