Running on the PlayStation 5, Ghost of Tsushima will offer an additional 60fps mode and significantly reduced load times, according to official reports.

The developers from Sucker Punch Productions have shared some great news with their fans on Twitter: While the current generation of consoles, the open-world action-adventure is running at 30 FPS on both the original PS4 and PS4 Pro, future owners of the new PlayStation 5 will be able to enjoy the game with frame rates up to 60 FPS!

But that’s not all! The Sucker Punch team also revealed that players will be able to transfer their Ghost of Tsushima save game from PS4 to PS5, and freely continue the game from where they left off on the previous generation console!

Nevertheless, you should not project this gesture of goodwill on other projects with PS4: it should be understood that, according to early statements from Sony, the ability to transfer saves of specific games between PS4 and PS5 remains solely with the developer of this or that project.

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