This time, the weekly giveaway of games from the Epic Games store was not particularly noticeable:

The first project is the adventure platformer The End is Nigh. The game looks very interesting and unusual. In it, you will have to die countless times, although perhaps you are already dead?

And here is the second project, this is a three-dimensional research game ABZÛ, on which the artistic director of Journey and Flower worked.

At ABZÛ, you are invited to explore a colorful ocean full of secrets, vibrant colors, and living creatures. The main character is a diver who can perform spectacular stunts thanks to graceful control in the water.

The abbreviation “ABZÛ” is based on ancient myths: “AB” means “water” and “ZÛ” means “to know”. ABZÛ is an ocean of wisdom.

Both games will be available for free pick-up from September 5th to 12th.

Source: EGS

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