Undoubtedly, the American-born enthusiast Splave takes the first place at the “overclocking” top absolutely deservedly, and can rightfully call himself one of the best masters of his craft.

Today, once again, Splave has confirmed its unrivaled qualifications. An American enthusiast scalped a Core i9-10900KF chip and overclocked it to 7337MHz using liquid nitrogen. This high CPU clock rate allowed the overclocker to complete the single-threaded version of the Geekbench4 benchmark with a score of 10,260:

As a result, Splave got the following gold medals in Geekbench4 – Single Core discipline:

  • Gold in the Core i9-10900KF rank;
  • Single-core gold;
  • World record for any processor.

The enthusiast’s test setup consisted of the following components:

  • Motherboard – ASRock Z490 Aqua (with two active RAM slots – either this is a unique product designed specifically for overclockers, or Splave soldered them manually);
  • RAM – G.Skill Trident 3800C14;
  • Thermal interface – Thermal Grizzly Kryo LHE;
  • Power supply – Enermax Maxtytan 1250w.

And it looked like this:

Source: HWBot World Record Page

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