Recent changes in CEMU primarily affect shaders, access to gl_PointCoord. According to the patch note for this version, you will need drivers downloaded from video card vendors (AMD / NVIDIA). The standard drivers installed by Windows “by default” will not work here because they do not have “proper support for point sprites”.

CEMU patch note 1.15.12:

  • Fixed an issue that caused Cemu to take two screenshots when the controller interface was closed
  • When you take a screenshot, a notification will be displayed on the screen (if notification overlay is enabled)
  • Added game profile option to set TV or GamePad as the default screen
  • The GUI window now has the ability to filter games included in the game list (enabled by default)
  • Fixed a bug due to which any changed graphics package settings were lost when updating graphics packages
  • Added a rollback to load the community graphical settings in case is not available
  • Added support for accessing gl_PointCoord in shaders

The new version of CEMU, the Nintendo Wii U console emulator version 1.15.12, has now been released for Patreon only. This version will be released in open access on August 16.

You can download it from the official website of the emulator.

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