It seems that some major game publishers no longer consider the worldwide designation of product quality “triple-A” (a class of high-budget computer games) worthy of their future projects.

For example, Microsoft Corporation recently announced that its new studio, The Initiative, was formed specifically to develop “AAAA” games. In addition, according to the Redmond giant, the next hotly anticipated part of the Forza Motorsport 5 racing simulator will also meet the new standard of game quality.

And since yesterday, Ubisoft joined Microsoft: the French company is gradually beginning to use this term within many of its studios. Proof of this is the LinkedIn pages of a couple of Ubisoft developers that link specifically to the “AAAA” projects.

One of the profiles belongs to the technical art director of Beyond Good and Evil 2, Cyril Maskillier. The developer openly describes his project as “a long-standing next-generation AAAA open-universe game in development.”

Timur222 shared this information with the public:

The new quality standard is, of course, wonderful. But for now, the big question is, will the new “AAAA” designation for game quality mean anything at all? Will projects bearing this “label” become more perfect, more complex and larger than the existing games of the usual “triple-A”? Or is “AAAA” just a new marketing ploy to justify the rising price tags of games?

I would not want to exaggerate and spread panic ahead of time, but most likely – the latter. Nevertheless, of course, one should wait for the release of at least one game of the notorious “AAAA” and only after that draw conclusions.

Considering that the upcoming projects that meet the new standard are Forza Motorsport 5 and Beyond Good and Evil 2, it is not too long to wait.

Source: WccfTech

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