Radeon Technologies Group Senior Director Riche Corpus has confirmed that AMD expects additional shipments of Radeon RX 6000 reference cards in Q1 2021. Mr. Corpus has also assured that AMD will continue to support its partners in developing their own PCB designs.

Earlier, representatives of the “red” giant talked about the imminent termination of the release of reference samples of the Radeon RX 6900/6800 and the transfer of production of the corresponding products to the facilities of partner manufacturers.

Now AMD decided to change course and not leave its partners in such difficult conditions without support (cryptocurrency fever and GPU shortage), continuing to produce reference samples of the RX 6900/6800 and supply them to firms like SAPPHIRE.

In the past, AMD reference designs sold through the official online store were virtually the only way to buy the much-coveted graphics cards at the official MSRP. However, now the chances of seeing these cards in stock in the company store are practically zero.

Source: VideoCardZ

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