Yesterday, BioWare congratulated Mass Effect fans on N7 Day on their personal official blog and shared some extremely intriguing and important information regarding the future of the popular franchise.

To begin with, according to representatives of BioWare, now the forces of the studio, or rather the majority of its “veterans”, are thrown into the development of a completely new part of Mass Effect. Unfortunately, apart from this statement, the developers did not provide any additional information. However, given the early rumors about a complete freeze of any developments in the Mass Effect series, even the laconic announcement of the new part caused a storm of positive emotions among fans of the space RPG.

In addition to the “paper announcement” of the next Mass Effect, BioWare also spoke about the release date and the name of the remaster of the three original parts of the series: “Mass Effect: Legendary Edition” will be released this spring (2021) and will include the first three parts of the game, support for high and ultra-wide resolutions, increased frame rates, and improved textures, shaders, character models and effects.

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