ASRock has released beta BIOS versions supporting AMD Ryzen 5000 processors for 16 of its X370, B350, and A320 motherboards. Fresh firmware with support for Vermeer processors is available for download on the Chinese resource HKEPC.

ASRock 300 Series Motherboard Beta BIOS (UEFI) Supporting AMD Ryzen 5000 Desktop Processors can be downloaded from the links below:

Board model and link to the BIOS file:BIOS sizeLast modified
A320M PRO4(P6.71).zip10 MB7 days ago
A320M-HDV R3(P3.62).zip10.2 MB7 days ago
A320M-HDV R4(P4.22).zip10.2 MB7 days ago
A320M-HDV(P6.21).zip10.5 MB7 days ago
A320M-ITX(P6.61).zip10.4 MB7 days ago
AB350 Gaming K4(P6.41).zip10.3 MB7 days ago
AB350 Gaming-ITXac(P6.61).zip10.4 MB7 days ago
AB350M-HDV(P6.21).zip10.5 MB7 days ago
X370 Gaming X(P6.11).zip10.4 MB7 days ago
X370 Gaming-ITXac(P6.61).zip10.4 MB7 days ago
X370 Killer SLI(P6.61).zip10.4 MB7 days ago
X370 PRO4(P6.41).zip10.3 MB7 days ago
X370 Professional Gaming(P6.61).zip10.5 MB7 days ago
X370 TAICHI(P6.61).zip10.4 MB7 days ago
X370M Pro4(P6.71).zip10 MB7 days ago
X370M-HDV(P4.20).zip10.2 MB7 days ago

Please note that these are beta firmwares and may contain bugs. Therefore, if you nevertheless decide to update the microcode of your board, remember: Everything you do with your device, you do at your own peril and risk!

Source: WccfTech, HKEPC

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