New PUBG PC Update Fixes Some Weapon Issues

The update will affect the SRS Bolt Action rifle and the S1987 shotgun.

PC Players: A minor update has been deployed to the main servers that addresses the following issues:

– Fixed an issue with SRS Bolt Action that caused ammo to not load in certain situations.
– Fixed a similar issue with the S1987 shotgun.

A major update to PUBG 4.1 for PC was released on main servers yesterday. Together with it started season 4, an updated map of Erangel, and much more.

Erangel visual update

“Everyone is looking for themselves. This search ends here. Welcome to the battlefield. “
Since launch, millions of players have traveled to Erangel to take part in the thrilling PUBG battle royale.

With the same passion, we dived into this visual update with the aim of bringing our most classic map in line with more recent offerings without losing the magic that made the game a favorite.

We thank the players who helped us fine-tune the island during our recent testing. This island is also your home. From standard complexes to major landmarks such as Mylta Power, we have improved the graphic quality of various Erangel areas and territories in every way.

Various terrain changes

  • We’ve updated the existing terrain, signs, and buildings, and added a small number of buildings in some areas.
  • To better illustrate the history of Erangel, landscape elements have been added or revised.
  • Trenches, blast marks, camouflage nets, and abandoned tanks have been added to different areas of the map.
  • Added barriers along the coast in some places.
  • Based on player feedback gathered during the testing period, we made the following changes: Grass density and color saturation have been reduced. The overall brightness has been reduced.

Source: WccfTech

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New PUBG PC Update Fixes Some Weapon Issues