First benchmarks of 12-thread Intel Core i5-10400 processor and comparison with Core i5-9400F and Core i7-9700F

Just a few hours ago, the first tests of a budget 6-core, 12-thread Intel Core i5-10400 chip hit the network. Our Chinese colleagues published a review on Bilibili video hosting, and then a post about it appeared on Momomo_US Twitter account:

The Intel Core i5-10400 processor operates at a base frequency of 2900MHz, and under load, the maximum frequency per core can reach 4300MHz and 4000MHz for all 6 cores. At the disposal of 12 threads is the 12 MB cache memory of the third level, which is usual for such a chip configuration. The Core i5-10400 should be priced at $182.

The first official tests of Intel 10-generation processors were supposed to appear only on May 20, however, not everyone adheres to the embargo set by the company.

The still unreleased Core i5-10400 processor was compared with the previous generation Intel chips Core i5-9400F and Core i7-9700F (Ryzen 5 3600 should also be added here).

All presented chips were equipped with RAM operating at a frequency corresponding to the official support of the platform on which they were tested (DDR4-2933 for Core i5-10400 and DDR4-2666 and for Core i5-9400F/Core i7-9700F.

Tests with Core i5-10400:

In single-threaded tests, as one would expect, the higher-frequency Core i7-9700F wins, however, moving to multi-threaded applications, the results are not so unambiguous, although the overwhelming majority also tends to favor the 8-core:

The 6-core, 12-thread newcomer is more likely to outperform the 8-core, 8-thread Core i7-9700F. The exception is WinRar, where the Core i5-10400 has ground up all competitors.

The victory of the Core i7-9700F, albeit not unconditional, in general, is not particularly surprising, because, in addition to eight cores, the i7 also has a higher clock frequency. Nevertheless, the newcomer Core i5-10400 will have to compete not with its cousin Core i7-9700F, but with the Ryzen 5 3600X.

Intel Core i5-10400 processor benchmark table:

ChipIntel Core i5-9400FIntel Core i7-9700FIntel Core i5-10400
Cinebench R15 (single-threaded test)172199186
Cinebench R15 (multi-threaded test)96914961351
Cinebench R20 (multi-threaded test)238536343215
Winrar 64-bit96721341719080
SuperPI 1MB9.0047.8938.586
wPrime 32M26.32925.41127.661
wPrime 1024M146.93105.928118.185
3DMark Time Spy (CPU)539169907490
3DMark Firestrike (CPU)123881815518049
PCMark 10 Overall606967676465
GTA 5 (Average frames per second)122128129
Assassins Creed Odyssey (Average frames per second, 1080p)636567
GTA 5 (Average frames per second, 1080p, MSAAx2)169.85177.71175.16
Power consumption (idle)14W12W10W
Power Consumption (Load)77.88W145.83W85.91W
Temperature (idle)28.3C28.6C26.6C
Temperature (Load)57.3C70.0C79.75C

But do not rush to get upset, because due to its relatively low number of cores and a slightly lower frequency, the Core i5-10400 processor has a TDP lower than its 8-core brother Core i7-9700F and consumes only 8 watts more than the 6-core Core i5-9400F! But there is also a minus. Due to Hyper-Threading technology, the Core i5-10400 came out as a pretty hot chip. With a relatively low power consumption of 86 watts, it was able to heat up almost 10 degrees more than the 8-core, 150-watt Core i7-9700F.

Nevertheless, it should be understood that the new product is priced at only ~ $ 180, while the same Core i7-9700F is sold for $300! That being said, their performance is pretty similar.

In addition to the above tests, the review also mentions that the Intel Core i5-10400 is very, very good in comparison with the Ryzen 5 3600. Moreover, the Chinese specialist promises to publish a comparison with the AMD processor soon.

We will try to keep you updated on this topic. However, even if the Chinese will not publish additional materials in the near future, it does not matter. Intel Core 10-generation chips coming out very soon on the network will be full of independent tests.

Source: WccfTech

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First benchmarks of 12-thread Intel Core i5-10400 processor and comparison with Core i5-9400F and Core i7-9700F